S1E3 - Six Character Voices

Yeah there's some lies and truths told on this episode but that's not what's important here. For the first time ever, someone challenges Roy Dotrice (RIP) at his world record of Doing The Most Character Voices live on air. How did they do? Tune in to find out!

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S1E2 - Trees, Bees and Micky D's

Evan and Chaz ended up one point ahead János last time, but will either of them be able to secure a lead? Is János going to be able to catch up at this point? Who's falling for the lie and who can see the truth? Find out on the second episode of 50-50 Chaz.

S1E1 - Clowns, Dancers and Dead Birds

Welcome to the pilot episode of 50-50 Chaz, the show where three friends lie to each other. Who will be able to see through the others' devious machinations? And who will succeed at purposefully leading the others down a path of lies? This week: stories about clowns, dancing and baseball.

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